Saturday, October 1, 2011

goodbye summer internship.

this summer i had the most AMAZING experience interning at casa manana. i learned more than i could have imagined. i met wonderful people. and i really strengthened my love and appreciation for theatre (and especially the people that work behind the scenes).

it would be impossible to fully describe what all i participated in...but here's a little sampling.
betty buckley awards: i was smiled at by a famous person. and taped microphones on stranger's faces. 
dark week: i helped clean hundreds of stage lights. swept the stage more times than i could count. helped with a deep clean of the costume warehouse. helped clean the set shop. saved a baby bird and was nearly killed by a hobo (...possible exaggeration).
into the woods jr camp: acted as assistant stage manager (ASM) for a week. helped fit costumes. was a backstage quick change helper. fixed hair, did pincurls, and put on wigs.
AND secret garden: helped fit and alter costumes for the show. quick change helper, again. helped with wigs (WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!)

ryleigh came to see a show of secret garden. so sweet.

i'm hoping (and have been asked) to go back soon and help again in costumes.
however, i won't be able to until january.
i'm busy with another show right now...
what is it...?
well...that's a secret...until tomorrow, that is.

xo, rebecca jane

p.s. don't you love suspense?

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