Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pumpkins! aka...i love fall.

last weekend, after an all day rehearsal (what? rehearsal? oh right...i forgot you didn't know...more on that soon!) we went to pick up some pumpkins and head to a fall party!!
this was my first pumpkin picking out experience.
and, consequently, my first pumpkin carving experience.
so don't judge my "mustache" pumpkin which happens to look like two fish kissing.
stop laughing.
i think it's beautiful.

fall is kind of my favorite season...ever. and i'm so ready for it this year, after such a HOT summer.
i love wearing tights, long sleeves, sweaters, leg warmers, hats, boots...eee! just thinking about it makes me excited!'s still in the 80's here.

but fall is here (technically), and i am still wearing my leg warmers, tights, long sleeves, sweaters, and hats...even if it's still hot outside!


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