Sunday, November 18, 2012

on feet.

i've noticed recently that i've been documenting things based on my...feet.
for instance, the ones above?
black and white outfit to work at casa manana as an usher.
also...legwarmer weather!

my attempt at normality.
a football game on a friday night.
that's what normal people do, right?

traffic so bad that i was in park for an entire hour.
so i got comfortable.

in sailboat shorts.
and unfortunately unattractive bowling shoes.
also...i'm so bad at bowling.
you don't even understand.

working in the costume shop.
on a stepstool.
because i'm short.
there...i said it.

yellow tights.
polka dot skirt.
anything more needed?

polka dot shoes.

hours and hours spent at the laundromat.
life of a costumer.

opening night of the christmas show at the artisan.
marking one year since i've been performing onstage there.
one year.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

people watching.

i spent the afternoon "people watching" with my friend, maddy.

we visited a bookstore which was located in an old opera house.
it had so many fun nooks, crannies, and stairs leading to more and more rooms.
all completely full of books.

after this we went to a coffee shop.
we couldn't help but play a little game of "hipster i-spy" which resulted in this list:
5 flannel shirts
3 messy buns
6 people in stripes
2 guys playing chess
1 jacket with elbow patches
4 lace-up boots
5 books
2 fedoras
and 1 guy with dreds

(just two guys playing chess in a coffee shop. no big deal.)

i love people watching.

Monday, October 8, 2012

laundromats...and the like.

today was costume laundry day.
today at the laundromat I met a really sweet lady. 
she had two sons...both under 4. 
they each had two different shoes on. 
the older one had glasses and said he was allergic to bad guys. 
and then they had a towel "sword fight."

as I folded the "fiddler on the roof" costumes...I realized it was all over. 
there was a big pile of clothes. 
each piece represented the person who wore it. 
and I thought about how much each person meant to me.
the memories and laughs we shared.

and, while I knew that I had just finished a big chapter in my life, I realized that I simply can't wait for the next one to begin.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


this is me...

...trying to forget "fiddler on the roof" is over forever.

...trying to forget i have 6 big bags of fiddler laundry to do.

...trying to forget how sketchy the laundromat is.

...trying to stop wearing my new winter hats i got in the mail.

...trying to sleep after a 7 hour nap this afternoon.

...trying to not be nervous about footloose auditions later this month.

...trying to contain my excitement about looking at some apartments this week.

...trying to not talk about how much i love the weather.

...trying to not miss the people i've grown to love. 

and failing...miserably.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the last weekend.

this weekend holds the last three shows of "fiddler on the roof."
i am definitely not ready to say goodbye to this experience.
meeting new people.
seeing old friends.
learning new things.
uncontrollable laughter.
and totally connecting with my new family.
basically...i love theatre.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fiddler sneak peek!

i was asked for a little preview of "fiddler on the roof."
well...i do have a little commercial that was made...but it is of the other cast.
which is a very talented group too.
so you can get a general idea via the video below :)

pretty exciting right?!

only two weeks left...
oh my.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

fiddler on the roof.

we've passed the half-way mark.
fiddler is closer to the end than the beginning.

this show has gotten some huge notoriety.
jewish people saying how much they love it.
people saying it's better than professional versions of fiddler they've seen.
people saying it's the best artisan show...ever.
the fact that it has, indeed, topped the artisan charts and is the #1 show of all time, there.
the fact that we're only half way through...and already sold out.
the fact that we've had to add 6 shows.
it honestly blows my mind.

and all of that is very well and good.
but this is just one of the happiest seasons of my life.
and i can't bear the thought of parting ways.
i love this part.
i love this show.
and i LOVE this cast.

basically...i'm famous.

today i was recognized at chickfila.
not as "the girl who seems to come in to eat every single day."
but...the girl who plays"hodel" in fiddler on the roof at the artisan center theater.
basically...i'm famous.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

that rehearsal process.

i've been trying to decide what my favorite part of being in a show is:
tech week.
after parties.
but i think it must be the perfect combination of all of the above.
right when you get tired of one's time for the next.
and then it's all over.

the rehearsal process is such an interesting part.
you're suddenly thrown into a family.
you suddenly love a guy.
you suddenly live in russia.
and you've probably never met half of the people you suddenly have a "relationship" with.
i think that's why theatre friendships are so strong.
suddenly you love all of these people so much...and you've only known them a few months.

well, we just opened.
the rehearsal process has finished.
i'll miss it, but am glad to share this beautiful show with audiences until october.

rebecca jane

p.s. only 4 shows performed (out of 38) and we're already 70% sold out. 
AND adding 6 new shows.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

another opening to another show!

after hours and hours of work..."fiddler on the roof" is now officially open!
it's been a crazy week...adding makeup, costumes, set, props, lighting, and mics...a lot is sure to go wrong.
but...we opened friday night to an excited crowd who fell in love with the beautiful story of tevye, his five daughters, and tradition.

this show will last until october if you're anywhere near north texas, come and stop by!
you won't be sorry!
details are on the artisan website...and if you want to see my cast, come monday, friday, or saturday afternoon. 

a very tired yet content,
rebecca jane

Thursday, August 16, 2012

picnics are happy things.

i've had many obsessions: blanket forts, sushi, movies, books, and so on.
my recent one?
i love picnics.

mason jars.
picnic basket.
be still my heart.

so to celebrate the 4th of july and my mom's birthday, we decided to set up a picnic on a small hill and eat pie while watching the fireworks.
we had the best spot.
it was lovely weather.
just a few ants here and there.

picnics are happy things.
-rebecca jane

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

just another day in the costume shop.

you know you work in a sketchy neighborhood when you see the police driving through the parking lot several times a day.

but I don't know what the costume shop would be without the walls shaking with the beat of the music coming from next door at the afrimart.

or the hippies smoking and partying outside their tattoo parlor on the other side.

and then the "smiley face donuts" store behind the building, run by people who can hardly understand which donut you want...and then give you free ones at noon right before they close.

the sketchy taco by people who can't speak a single word of english. 
(luckily "taco" is a universal word understood by all.)

even mr. dorrit, the rat, who has decided to make the costume shop his home.

but you know.
it's just another day at the theatre working in the costume shop.

a little over a week until opening...eek!
rebecca jane

p.s. the clothes racks in the costume shop are all a bit too high for *this* sadly short costumer. 
step stools have become my best friend, lately.

p.p.s. don't be concerned for my safety. i keep the doors locked and, though the stores appear sketchy, everyone seems very nice...and the donuts are ridiculously delicious.

Monday, July 30, 2012

atlanta...the girl, not the city.

while in tennessee i got see my dear friend atlanta (who was staying at her fiance's family's house for a few weeks) and i finally got to meet her fellow!
i can't tell you how strange it is to see my bestie ENGAGED
well...we got to see where she's going to be living starting next year (all the way in tennessee!) and the land where her new house is being built.
it is so very beautiful.
i'm so excited for her.

meanwhile, i'm savoring this precious time i have left with her.
she and i have had so many adventures together in the five years i've known her.
she's meant so much to me...and i'm thrilled to be her bridesmaid at their wedding next spring.
how is that even possible?
growing up is weird.

rebecca jane

Sunday, July 29, 2012

a bit of earth.

care to hear about this super cool idea i have?
well...i'm planning on setting up a small set of shelves on my wall.
what for?
glass jars.
but not just empty glass jars...jars filled with dirt from every country/state i travel to!
on our roadtrip i went a little crazy buying small, glass bottles at different antique stores.
and when i say "a little crazy"...well...i got about 20.
but they're so cool!
all different shapes and sizes.

unfortunately...i got so carried away with buying the jars, i didn't even remember to fill them up with dirt from the states we went through on vacation.
i know. i know.
i guess that just means i'll have to visit the states again.
(fine by me!)
but coolest idea EVER, right?!
(thanks maddy for the inspiration!)
also...a sign that says "a bit of earth" that hangs over the shelves is a must.

rebecca jane

p.s. have you ever heard the song "a bit of earth" from secret garden: the musical...? not only is it one of my favorite musicals, but a really beautiful song. listen to the broadway recording HERE or a clip from when they performed secret garden at casa manana last summer while i was an intern (which i think is 10 times better than the broadway recording) HERE.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

that place that didn't exist.

towards the end of the roadtrip i think we were all getting a bit tired of being in the car.
just a bit.
okay...QUITE a bit.
but there was plenty to do in the car!
my number one favorite activity?
travel journaling:

i filled out my travel journal very nicely.
each page includes little details and pictures from each day's adventures.
this roadtrip was my first attempt at travel journaling...and i'm SO glad i did it.
i always save little momentos from travels, but never know what to do with them.
ticket stubs.
hotel card keys.
and they all fit very nicely in my travel journal.

one day, we had a very interesting time trying to find a hotel.
and by interesting...i mean freaky.
according to our gps, we were searching for a hotel that didn't exist, in a town that...didn't exist.
we spent about an hour winding through neighborhoods and the countryside searching.
it was a bit creepy.
and definitely had the feeling of a doctor who episode.
i was on the lookout for aliens and a police box the whole evening.
but the most exciting thing that happened, after finding the hotel, was a trip to a chinese restaurant...and chinese food in oklahoma is always VERY interesting.

we spent the last few days (on our way home) at antique stores.
and, let me tell you, i found some TREASURES!
and...a yellow teapot.

rebecca jane