Monday, January 23, 2012


life is going way too fast for me right now. when you start having meetings about your highschool graduation (graduating class pictured above)...and you realize it's not that far away...there's a strange little feeling that starts creeping up in your stomach.

i took the spanish CLEP test last week and got a surprisingly good score! i officially have 6 hours of spanish in my back-pocket (and was ONE POINT AWAY from getting 12 hours). my first college test. eeek!

this weekend i have an interview for the presidential scholarship award at a college...aaaaaand a big audition for the theatre department there. i'm kind of terrified. then next month i have an audition for the music department at a different college.

by march, i'll have turned 18.....18!! is there an age past 18?? it seems like that's the last number i ever envisioned myself being...and here it is creeping up on me. april is the last cotillion (think prom...but not) at JOY as a highschool student. the theme is a 1940's USO tour...there will be much swing dancing. by may, my final JOY show (godspell) will be over and i'll be officially graduated.

cherishing these last few months and anticipating the next ones!

rebecca jane

p.s. i've renewed my passport...i'm ready for anything!

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