Tuesday, January 3, 2012

little letters.

dear new yellow galoshes...i love you.

dear sky...please rain.

dear friends...my giant reece's, mustache cup, and pretty wall decoration were perfect gifts. you know me well.

dear 2012...you're going to be the best year ever, i can feel it!

dear anthropolgie tea cup...i'm somehow okay with my sudden obsession with tea now that i get to drink it from you.

dear mom...watching lord of the rings with you is funny (his name is "saruman" not "sour man").

dear list journal...so much i love you.

dear hair...you've gotten way too long. after getting caught in someone else's teeth the other day, i think it's safe to say you need a little trim.

dear january 27th...you scare me. college audition AND interview on the same day? *can't breathe*

dear column awards...thanks for nominating the scrooge costumes for an award, this makes me happy.

dear applesauce...when all other foods fail, i know you're there for me.

dear passport...i'm ready for an adventure.


Riley Pleasants said...

oh Rebecca you make me smile!

Rachel Heffington said...

:D Wonderful! :)

Alyssa Renæ said...

I like your form :) Do I have permission to use it as inspiration in the future? ...and...what is a list journal?

rebecca jane said...

hello alyssa...you absolutely have permission to use it!
a list journal is a journal in which i compile lists: to do lists, party idea lists, movies i want to watch, things i need to do, places i need to be...my brain works in lists. :)