Friday, March 30, 2012

oliver pictures and review!

i told you about the huge costuming job i just finished up, last week, at the artisan...but i didn't really show you any of the costumes. so here is a quick look at some of my favorite rehearsal/production photos! 

"Costumer Rebecca Roberts did a glorious job dressing the huge variety of street people." 
- Column reviewer 
see full review here.

this show was such fun because of all of the mix-matched, low class characters. i loved putting their costumes together. but then the fun, colorful characters had some amazing costumes as well. not going to lie...the artful dodger's costume is my favorite costume EVER.

i loved this opportunity so much...and am so proud of how amazing the show is. if you're anywhere near north texas you should absolutely make a trip out to see this fantastic show. so many cute little boys singing and can you resist it?

rebecca jane

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