Thursday, March 29, 2012

oliver...oliver twist!

wow. hey there! life is kind of crazy, huh? 
one of the biggest things i've been working on that i'm excited to share with y' my job as costumer for "oliver!" at the artisan theater. i'm not going to was a massive job...and i still can't believe i agreed to it (but i'm so glad i did). it was such a HUGE learning experience...and i met some incredible people. 

it was my first time driving to the artisan (alone) several times a week (a big deal for me). i got my own key to the costume shop (eep!). i handled everything from taking measurements, purchases, constructions needs (i got a little help with that one), and putting ALL of the costumes together. luckily a couple of my friends (and my awesome mother) pitched in at fittings (otherwise...i would have died), costume parade, and tech week.

such a fun, rewarding, HARD experience. yay for tackling challenges!
i'll share production photos and the review the costumes got soon (so exciting)!

rebecca jane :)

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Red Rose in Bloom said...


The costumes are amazing, you did an incredible job and the characters look great!! I am so proud of you and all you put your hand to as you see your hard work pay off!

Mrs. Jarrell