Monday, April 30, 2012

i wanna dance with somebody.

as promised...more pictures from the 40's swing dance a few weeks ago! 
so many good friends all together in the same place for the first time in a REALLY long time.

we had a lovely "american style" dinner. 
a wwII fighter pilot veteran speaker.
some entertainment (two of my BFF's and sang an andrews sisters song).
and a swing dance performance by some incredible dancers.

and then...of course...there was quite a bit of DANCING.
mainly swing, but also polkas, reels, and (alas) some modern dances as well.
such fun!

i love swing very much...!!

the dance was SO worth all the time and effort. 
a really great last cotillion to finish up my high school career.
that's weird to say.

rebecca jane

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

of iphones, rice, and toilets.

in march i had a really traumatic experience involving my beloved iphone...and the toilet. 
suffice it to say...the two don't mix very well. 
poor bob fell out of my pocket into the water, and before i could snatch had become immersed. 
if you know anything about iphones, you know that they should NEVER get wet. 

i squealed. grabbed it. dried it off. 
it started vibrating uncontrollably...and then went to the black screen of death. 
i rapidly googled every combination of "how to save your iphone after it gets wet" and i could find only one thing that might do the trick: rice. 
sadly, we are not a usual rice-eating family (and it was really late at night), so we decided to buy rice first thing in the morning. 
all night, bob would randomly vibrate (like it was gasping for breath).
it was kind of spooky. 

after three full days in rice, i took it out hoping for some magical powers to have been bestowed from the rice to the phone. 
alas, it was not to be so. 
know that this was happening during tech week for oliver and ALSO my birthday week. 
sad, sad day. 

the good news: on my birthday i was gifted with a NEW PHONE! 
you'd *think* that would be the end of the story. 
it's not. 
the bad news: my parents got a new phone...but instead of an upgrade, it turns out to be a downgrade with 8gb less space. 
they took it back (having to pay the restocking fee) and got the 16gb one. 
but instead of programming MY number, they put MY MOM'S in! 

not realizing it, they left the store.
after discovering something was really wrong with HER parents went BACK to the store. 
the salesman couldn't figure out how he made the mistake and said "give me your phone so I can get things switched back because I just killed your phone." 
my mom said, "my daughter has MY phone in a different city" (tech week for oliver!). 
the clerk next to him said "she will have to find an AT&T store where your daughter is to get a new chip and get it back in service because you just killed her phone!" 

he entrusted her with a new "chip" and a paperclip to open the tray on her phone and install herself...without having to go to an AT&T store. 
- many hours later...we were back in service.

could it have BEEN any more complicated??!
i think there were many lessons to learn here...but i think the one that has stuck with me the most is NEVER LEAVE YOU PHONE IN YOUR BACK POCKET!!! 
i have a mini heart attack every time it's anywhere NEAR water.

the end...for now.
rebecca jane

Sunday, April 22, 2012

not in nottingham.

a rendition of a classic disney song that satisfies my long time obsession with robin hood. 
just me and my uke. 
enjoy! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

moon river :)

just my uke and i...
me and my uke...
me, my uke, and i...? 
ah well.
enjoy :)

rebecca jane

Sunday, April 15, 2012

a 1940's photobooth.

last night was the swinging-est dance i've ever been to. literally. 
ever since exactly a year ago friends and i have been planning a 40's dance for our annual homeschool cotillion. after HOURS of list making, planning, dreaming, crafting, painting, cleaning, and more...last night was the big night.
and let me tell did NOT disappoint.

hopefully in about a week or so i'll be able to share pictures from the dancing, speaking, singing (three of us performed an andrews sisters song), etc. but for are some of my favorite pictures EVER from the photobooth we set up!
i've been wanting to put one of these together for the longest time (after seeing so many cute ideas on pinterest). it was a HIT! i just got through looking at and editing them all...and i'm just going to say...there are some hilarious ones. 
i love this idea so much.

well...i'm off to take a nap. dancing until midnight and talking until 3am can sure make you feel sleepy. i'll share more later! 
have a lovely sunday afternoon.

rebecca jane

Monday, April 2, 2012

oh...i'm 18.

so...i turned 18 about ten days ago. i didn't do anything crazy or over-the-top. i was in the middle of tech week for oliver, so there was only so much i could actually do. but what made the week really great were the friends i got to spend time with and the people who texted, called, and facebooked me. 
i'm oh-so blessed.

the saturday after my birthday was spent seeing hunger games (squeep!!), eating delicious foods, and staying up until an unholy hour (not necessarily my choice).

i got my license renewed the other know, the license that lasts you six years instead of one (because now i'm a legal adult...what...?) and of course it's the WORST picture i've ever seen. i know everyone always says that about their pictures...but you have no idea how bad this one is. sad, sad day.

i think my very favorite part of the week was recieving the absolute BEST card in the mail. i've never laughed so hard while reading a letter as i did while reading this one. i'd share it's contents...but it's very possible you'd think me, and the letter sender, certifiably insane. however, i would have liked to see the postman's face when he saw a letter addressed to "The Divinely Beautiful Queen Rebecca of the Unnamed Kingdom" from "Ryleigh, the Rebel." 
oh i love my friends. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

freebirds...and why it's awesome.

if you've ever been to freebirds...this post is completely unnecessary because you already know how amazing this place is. sure...the food is great...but the crazy, awesome people who work there are the BEST! they will get out a ladder just to help you put a tinfoil creation up on their ceiling. who does that?! yes...this place rocks.