Sunday, April 15, 2012

a 1940's photobooth.

last night was the swinging-est dance i've ever been to. literally. 
ever since exactly a year ago friends and i have been planning a 40's dance for our annual homeschool cotillion. after HOURS of list making, planning, dreaming, crafting, painting, cleaning, and more...last night was the big night.
and let me tell did NOT disappoint.

hopefully in about a week or so i'll be able to share pictures from the dancing, speaking, singing (three of us performed an andrews sisters song), etc. but for are some of my favorite pictures EVER from the photobooth we set up!
i've been wanting to put one of these together for the longest time (after seeing so many cute ideas on pinterest). it was a HIT! i just got through looking at and editing them all...and i'm just going to say...there are some hilarious ones. 
i love this idea so much.

well...i'm off to take a nap. dancing until midnight and talking until 3am can sure make you feel sleepy. i'll share more later! 
have a lovely sunday afternoon.

rebecca jane

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