Monday, April 2, 2012

oh...i'm 18.

so...i turned 18 about ten days ago. i didn't do anything crazy or over-the-top. i was in the middle of tech week for oliver, so there was only so much i could actually do. but what made the week really great were the friends i got to spend time with and the people who texted, called, and facebooked me. 
i'm oh-so blessed.

the saturday after my birthday was spent seeing hunger games (squeep!!), eating delicious foods, and staying up until an unholy hour (not necessarily my choice).

i got my license renewed the other know, the license that lasts you six years instead of one (because now i'm a legal adult...what...?) and of course it's the WORST picture i've ever seen. i know everyone always says that about their pictures...but you have no idea how bad this one is. sad, sad day.

i think my very favorite part of the week was recieving the absolute BEST card in the mail. i've never laughed so hard while reading a letter as i did while reading this one. i'd share it's contents...but it's very possible you'd think me, and the letter sender, certifiably insane. however, i would have liked to see the postman's face when he saw a letter addressed to "The Divinely Beautiful Queen Rebecca of the Unnamed Kingdom" from "Ryleigh, the Rebel." 
oh i love my friends. 

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