Sunday, April 1, 2012

silly mood.

ok...the hunger games. a movie that can really tug at your emotions, right? in the theater i was definitely a little teary in several scenes...but no tears were ever actually shed (i mean...i'd already read the books, so i knew what was going to happen, right?).

fast forward a few days...i was in the most random, emotional state EVER! i was literally looking at pictures from the movie ("the braid touch" favorite part of the entire movie), listening to the soundtrack (this very beautiful), and weeping. i kid you not. WEEPING! you know...the ugly cry.

just so you know...i'm the person who never cries in movies. ever. it's just not something i do. i'm a cold hearted person when it comes to getting emotional over movies. so you can understand why WEEPING at a few screenshots of a movie is the silliest thing in the world for me to do. 

i was in a pretty terrible state that night. looking back and talking about it, though, is a completely different story. in fact, i can't stop laughing about how idiotic i must have looked. 

oh it gets better...that night i had a dream i was running across a river and there were ducks in the way...and then one got caught in my hair. 


and there you are...a very silly post about nothing important or specific...just my extremely, emotional moods that like to randomly appear.

that is all.
rebecca jane

p.s. happy april! and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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