Saturday, May 26, 2012

senior shoot.

the long awaited senior shoot i promised to share oh-so long ago!
all these photos were taken on a hilarious day by the ever so talented Blake Hannah...and we were joined with the really super dee duper awesome Madison Hoover. 

maddy and i were in the parking lot of lowe's waiting on blake to pick a few things up for the shoot. 
we may or may not have been listening to disney music.
or singing "a whole new world" at the tippity top of our lungs.
with the windows rolled down. 
we see blake come out of the store and walk to our car and ask "did you guys see the robbery that just happened?!"
us: ""
so apparently there was this actual robbery that happened in lowe's...the robbers ran out the front door (right in front of us)...and we missed it all.

we picked up a few props for the shoot and headed to our first location: a wheat field.
coolest. thing. ever.
we hopped a fence.
threw a red chair over.
i sat in the wheat.
and epic pictures soon ensued.

second location: mysterious pine forest in the middle of texas by the lake.
a forever long hike from the road to the forest...but so totally worth it.
i literally felt like we had stepped into a completely different state.
or a magical world.
like narnia.

while driving home that night...a tragedy occurred.
winding through the small country the dark...maddy and i had a traumatic experience involving...
an armadillo.
this is a bit how it went:
us: *laughter* "what a fun day" "today was awesome" *more laughter*
when suddenly...a wild armadillo appears.
us: AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! *screams and squeals*
me: *slight swerve at an attempt of avoiding it*
car: *ever so slight bump*
us: "what. just. happened." 
*hilarious laughter soon follows and doesn't conclude until long after we've arrived at home*
i'm pretty sure i maimed that poor armadillo. 
the bump wasn't big enough to have killed him...but i ran over something. 
like his tail. 
or...a limb.
most terrifying (and slightly hilarious) driving experience OF. MY. LIFE.

but all in was a happy, happy day.

xo, rebecca jane

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Emily said...

Ahh these pictures are amazing!!!