Friday, May 11, 2012

tech week: godspell edition.

godspell is one of the most energetic, physically exhausting shows i've ever been a part of.
dancing. kneeling. standing. sitting. singing. jiving. 
everyone is on stage the entire there's never a down moment.
but honestly, how fun is that?!

this show has also been a different experience because of the actors involved. 
quite a few of our past JOY drama students have graduated and i'm the second oldest actor in the show.
i definitely miss those that have moved on...but it has been fun getting to be involved with the new, younger students in this show.

we open tonight.
my last opening of a show as a high-schooler.
so weird.

-rebecca jane


Rachel Heffington said...

Awwwww! Your tech-week posts always get me so excited! My sister and brother and I have always wanted to do theater, but it just hasn't been part of our life. :( Too much else going on, and now Daniel and I are far graduated and Sarah's almost done too! Your posts always renew that inner flame! ;D

Melissa Renee said...

Y'all make pretty amazing hippies. (; Tell Maddy I pincurled my hair the other day like they told me to, and it was awesome! I got tons of compliments and it stayed for four days. Which is sad because that means I went four days without a shower. Whatever. It was pretty. :P

God bless,