Monday, June 18, 2012

margaret mitchell house.

continuing my "roadtrip series" this is stop #2: 
the margaret mitchell house.
margaret mitchell is the author of "gone with the wind."
of which the movie is a roberts family classic
i've watched it countless times my entire life.
it's a good one.

we got to tour the apartment (called "the dump" by margaret mitchell and her friends) where she wrote "gone with the wind."
so cool!
and such a cute and quaint apartment.
also in the museum was a painting of scarlett o'hara that hung in the actual movie!

one of my favorite parts of the tour, however...was the SCOTTISH COUPLE that were on the tour with us!!
the best accent in the history of accents.
i died.
especially after the man said "i truly am a romantic at heart."
just imagine the scottish accent (it was nothing like this one).
life. officially. made.

more soon!
rebecca jane

Sunday, June 17, 2012

cafe intermezzo.

my family just got back from a very long road-trip on friday.
after driving over 3000 miles...i am glad to be home.
we visited louisiana, alabama, georgia, north & south carolina, virginia, tennessee, and arkansas.
so guess what you'll be seeing/hearing about the next few days on the blog?
you guessed it!
enjoy :)

our first stop was in atlanta, georgia at one of the most beautiful coffeehouses...ever.
not only were the servers amazing.
the coffee was amazing.
the desserts were amazing.
the classical music was amazing.
the atmosphere was amazing.
it was...amazing.

apparently there are times when the lines are out the door it's in such high demand.
luckily...we arrived right when they opened...and were the only ones there!
one of the guys was so nice...he let me take a menu home as a souvenir. 
all in all... best. place. EVER.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

meet alonzo.

my fellow blog followers and readers...i would like to introduce you to alonzo.
my very first ever car.

he is a 2005 toyota prius.
his name...?
"allons-y alonzo!"

rebecca jane

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the ark.

so in the middle of everything else that's been going on...i've been costuming a show at the artisan called "the ark." 
i had never seen this show before...or done biblical costumes.
that was a challenge.
but OH, am i glad i took it on.

the ark is now one of my FAVORITE shows i've seen at the artisan.
beautiful message.
great music.

the costumes were a nice mix of historic and modern fashions. much fun!
i was lucky enough to be able to use quite a bit of costumes they had already from previous productions of the show.
but i also got to put together a few of my own creations.

the review came out today, too:
The costumes by Rebecca Roberts are traditional garb for the times, long flowing tunics and garments. The women use sashes and aprons to alter their outfits over the course of the show, however, few of the men stray from tradition, wearing pants and flowing shirts. Ham's costume in particular follows a modern look with the actor sporting jeans and a leather vest which also separates him from the family as the "bad boy."

and here's an amazing seriously gives me goosebumps:

if you're anywhere in the MUST go see it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

graduation!!! squeep!

last friday night was the night of my graduation.
t'was a very epic night.
a night of joy, happiness, and such excitement.
i'm so SO blessed to have spent the evening with some of THE best people i know.
such larks! :)

i got to set up a table featuring my sewing projects, favorite books, posters from past shows, theatre portfolio, etc. 
i think it turned out really cute! 
i also had a picture frame that people could sign...such a fun idea. 

four pretty awesome graduates...if i do say so myself. 
the first official graduating glass of JOY. 
i totally remember starting to school four years ago and thinking about being a part of the first graduating seemed so far away. and now it's gone and past.
i feel SO blessed.

and then my senior video.
 i SO love everything about it. the memories...the friends...the pictures...the songs. 
it's so perfect.

and so begins yet another chapter in my life. 
SO excited about where it will be taking me!!

rebecca jane