Sunday, June 17, 2012

cafe intermezzo.

my family just got back from a very long road-trip on friday.
after driving over 3000 miles...i am glad to be home.
we visited louisiana, alabama, georgia, north & south carolina, virginia, tennessee, and arkansas.
so guess what you'll be seeing/hearing about the next few days on the blog?
you guessed it!
enjoy :)

our first stop was in atlanta, georgia at one of the most beautiful coffeehouses...ever.
not only were the servers amazing.
the coffee was amazing.
the desserts were amazing.
the classical music was amazing.
the atmosphere was amazing.
it was...amazing.

apparently there are times when the lines are out the door it's in such high demand.
luckily...we arrived right when they opened...and were the only ones there!
one of the guys was so nice...he let me take a menu home as a souvenir. 
all in all... best. place. EVER.


Rachel Heffington said...

Looks divine! And that's terrible (for me!) that you were in close...and I doubt I'll ever make it as far as Texas! :D
Oh well! Nice to know you in the bloggy world if nowhere else!
(and that outfit you're wearing in the first post is too cute! :)

rebecca jane said...

oh no! well...i'm hoping to return to virginia would be so much fun to meet a reader! :)

(and thanks!)