Monday, June 18, 2012

margaret mitchell house.

continuing my "roadtrip series" this is stop #2: 
the margaret mitchell house.
margaret mitchell is the author of "gone with the wind."
of which the movie is a roberts family classic
i've watched it countless times my entire life.
it's a good one.

we got to tour the apartment (called "the dump" by margaret mitchell and her friends) where she wrote "gone with the wind."
so cool!
and such a cute and quaint apartment.
also in the museum was a painting of scarlett o'hara that hung in the actual movie!

one of my favorite parts of the tour, however...was the SCOTTISH COUPLE that were on the tour with us!!
the best accent in the history of accents.
i died.
especially after the man said "i truly am a romantic at heart."
just imagine the scottish accent (it was nothing like this one).
life. officially. made.

more soon!
rebecca jane


Porter Versfelt III said...

Some of you may be interested to know that southern author and historian Peter Bonner has written a book about "Gone With The Wind" - "Lost In Yesterday" - and the true events and personal stories that Margaret Mitchell drew on to write her famous book.

He offers the only "Gone With The Wind" tour in the world there in Atlanta and is considered an expert on the subject.

Rachel Heffington said...

No.Way. I would so absolutely *die* if I heard a Scot say that. You are torturing me beyond belief. *swoons and dies here and now* ;)