Sunday, July 29, 2012

a bit of earth.

care to hear about this super cool idea i have?
well...i'm planning on setting up a small set of shelves on my wall.
what for?
glass jars.
but not just empty glass jars...jars filled with dirt from every country/state i travel to!
on our roadtrip i went a little crazy buying small, glass bottles at different antique stores.
and when i say "a little crazy"...well...i got about 20.
but they're so cool!
all different shapes and sizes.

unfortunately...i got so carried away with buying the jars, i didn't even remember to fill them up with dirt from the states we went through on vacation.
i know. i know.
i guess that just means i'll have to visit the states again.
(fine by me!)
but coolest idea EVER, right?!
(thanks maddy for the inspiration!)
also...a sign that says "a bit of earth" that hangs over the shelves is a must.

rebecca jane

p.s. have you ever heard the song "a bit of earth" from secret garden: the musical...? not only is it one of my favorite musicals, but a really beautiful song. listen to the broadway recording HERE or a clip from when they performed secret garden at casa manana last summer while i was an intern (which i think is 10 times better than the broadway recording) HERE.

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Kristin said...

Very cool idea. :) I saw something similar in a Country Living magazine once, only it was sand from different beaches instead of dirt. I thought it was lovely because the color of the sand varied from beach to beach (and they stored it in test tubes, I think).