Saturday, July 14, 2012


here is part 3 of the summer road-trip series.
charleston, south carolina.
oh my goodness.
charleston was probably my very favorite part of the trip...and we hardly even did anything there.
driving through the neighborhoods and seeing the historic houses literally had me ogling.
i secretly want to live in charleston now.

at one point we were driving right by the ocean, and there was a lovely park between the coast and some really old houses.
and everything was absolutely perfect.
there was a wedding going on in a gazebo.
a girl laying out and reading under a tree.
a couple riding their vintage looking bicycles together.
it felt SO like a movie.

we also got a chance to eat at a seafood restaurant RIGHT by the ocean.
hello fresh seafood!
you don't get much of that in texas.

all in AMAZING and LOVELY stop in charleston.
i foresee a longer visit there very soon.

rebecca jane


Celia said...

Stunning photos~ love your outfit in the last pic

Abigail said...

I love Charleston! We vacationed for a week in Isle of Palms, and we went to the same park that you were talking about! I LOVED the houses....and did you see the French Huguenot church???? It's beautiful!

Alyssa Renæ said...

I loved Charleston when I drove through it this summer! Isn't there something inspiring about that old town?--definitely out of a book or something. :)