Tuesday, July 17, 2012

colonial williamsburg.

our ultimate roadtrip destination was "colonial williamsburg."
a place i've heard of all my life.
and i actually got to go.

someday...i'm going to work at this place.
giving tours. working in a shop giving demonstrations. performing.
it is my dream.

i mean...how cool is it to be able to "live" in the 1700's all day?!
to dress up and teach the public about history...in a totally awesome and fun way!
to work in a location that actually *was* around in the 1700's.
where history is so totally alive.
so. cool.

basically. colonial williamsburg is like mixing my two favorite things:
history & performing.
you guys...someday i will work at this place.
in the meantime...you should all make a point to visit colonial williamsburg, meet patrick henry, tour famous buildings, go on ghost tours, see ladies making wigs, and get a glimpse of what the 1700's might have been like.

rebecca jane


Rachel Heffington said...

You. were. 40. minutes. from. my. house. *AH!*

Donna said...

There is a blog that I read
Couturecourtesan.blogspot.com this young woman is very talented seamstress, and is currently doing an intershop
In Williamsburg at the Margret Hunter Shop. Check out her blog and introduce yourself to her!