Saturday, July 28, 2012

that place that didn't exist.

towards the end of the roadtrip i think we were all getting a bit tired of being in the car.
just a bit.
okay...QUITE a bit.
but there was plenty to do in the car!
my number one favorite activity?
travel journaling:

i filled out my travel journal very nicely.
each page includes little details and pictures from each day's adventures.
this roadtrip was my first attempt at travel journaling...and i'm SO glad i did it.
i always save little momentos from travels, but never know what to do with them.
ticket stubs.
hotel card keys.
and they all fit very nicely in my travel journal.

one day, we had a very interesting time trying to find a hotel.
and by interesting...i mean freaky.
according to our gps, we were searching for a hotel that didn't exist, in a town that...didn't exist.
we spent about an hour winding through neighborhoods and the countryside searching.
it was a bit creepy.
and definitely had the feeling of a doctor who episode.
i was on the lookout for aliens and a police box the whole evening.
but the most exciting thing that happened, after finding the hotel, was a trip to a chinese restaurant...and chinese food in oklahoma is always VERY interesting.

we spent the last few days (on our way home) at antique stores.
and, let me tell you, i found some TREASURES!
and...a yellow teapot.

rebecca jane


Atlanta said...

What fun!

Emily Ann Putzke said...

Awesome!! I love, love,love your travel journal! I did that on our family trip to Gettysburg and I was really glad I did. Sometimes I forget to bring the journal with me on other trips though. Lovely pictures, Rebecca!

Melissa Renee said...

I love your travel journal! So cute! I was all set on doing this when I first went to Europe, but I am probably the laziest person in the world and ended up with one page about the Bic Mac I ate at the airport. -.- Haha.