Wednesday, August 29, 2012

that rehearsal process.

i've been trying to decide what my favorite part of being in a show is:
tech week.
after parties.
but i think it must be the perfect combination of all of the above.
right when you get tired of one's time for the next.
and then it's all over.

the rehearsal process is such an interesting part.
you're suddenly thrown into a family.
you suddenly love a guy.
you suddenly live in russia.
and you've probably never met half of the people you suddenly have a "relationship" with.
i think that's why theatre friendships are so strong.
suddenly you love all of these people so much...and you've only known them a few months.

well, we just opened.
the rehearsal process has finished.
i'll miss it, but am glad to share this beautiful show with audiences until october.

rebecca jane

p.s. only 4 shows performed (out of 38) and we're already 70% sold out. 
AND adding 6 new shows.

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