Thursday, September 20, 2012

fiddler on the roof.

we've passed the half-way mark.
fiddler is closer to the end than the beginning.

this show has gotten some huge notoriety.
jewish people saying how much they love it.
people saying it's better than professional versions of fiddler they've seen.
people saying it's the best artisan show...ever.
the fact that it has, indeed, topped the artisan charts and is the #1 show of all time, there.
the fact that we're only half way through...and already sold out.
the fact that we've had to add 6 shows.
it honestly blows my mind.

and all of that is very well and good.
but this is just one of the happiest seasons of my life.
and i can't bear the thought of parting ways.
i love this part.
i love this show.
and i LOVE this cast.

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Rachel Heffington said...

Sounds so amazing, Rebecca! Are there any clips you could show us?