Monday, October 8, 2012

laundromats...and the like.

today was costume laundry day.
today at the laundromat I met a really sweet lady. 
she had two sons...both under 4. 
they each had two different shoes on. 
the older one had glasses and said he was allergic to bad guys. 
and then they had a towel "sword fight."

as I folded the "fiddler on the roof" costumes...I realized it was all over. 
there was a big pile of clothes. 
each piece represented the person who wore it. 
and I thought about how much each person meant to me.
the memories and laughs we shared.

and, while I knew that I had just finished a big chapter in my life, I realized that I simply can't wait for the next one to begin.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


this is me...

...trying to forget "fiddler on the roof" is over forever.

...trying to forget i have 6 big bags of fiddler laundry to do.

...trying to forget how sketchy the laundromat is.

...trying to stop wearing my new winter hats i got in the mail.

...trying to sleep after a 7 hour nap this afternoon.

...trying to not be nervous about footloose auditions later this month.

...trying to contain my excitement about looking at some apartments this week.

...trying to not talk about how much i love the weather.

...trying to not miss the people i've grown to love. 

and failing...miserably.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the last weekend.

this weekend holds the last three shows of "fiddler on the roof."
i am definitely not ready to say goodbye to this experience.
meeting new people.
seeing old friends.
learning new things.
uncontrollable laughter.
and totally connecting with my new family.
basically...i love theatre.