Sunday, November 18, 2012

on feet.

i've noticed recently that i've been documenting things based on my...feet.
for instance, the ones above?
black and white outfit to work at casa manana as an usher.
also...legwarmer weather!

my attempt at normality.
a football game on a friday night.
that's what normal people do, right?

traffic so bad that i was in park for an entire hour.
so i got comfortable.

in sailboat shorts.
and unfortunately unattractive bowling shoes.
also...i'm so bad at bowling.
you don't even understand.

working in the costume shop.
on a stepstool.
because i'm short.
there...i said it.

yellow tights.
polka dot skirt.
anything more needed?

polka dot shoes.

hours and hours spent at the laundromat.
life of a costumer.

opening night of the christmas show at the artisan.
marking one year since i've been performing onstage there.
one year.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

people watching.

i spent the afternoon "people watching" with my friend, maddy.

we visited a bookstore which was located in an old opera house.
it had so many fun nooks, crannies, and stairs leading to more and more rooms.
all completely full of books.

after this we went to a coffee shop.
we couldn't help but play a little game of "hipster i-spy" which resulted in this list:
5 flannel shirts
3 messy buns
6 people in stripes
2 guys playing chess
1 jacket with elbow patches
4 lace-up boots
5 books
2 fedoras
and 1 guy with dreds

(just two guys playing chess in a coffee shop. no big deal.)

i love people watching.