Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a day in the life.

oh yes.
i know.
it's been a while.
but i'm back! 

so back in november i did an instagram challenge.
basically, take a picture every hour and post it on instagram.
kind of a glimpse into a day in my life.
and now i'm sharing it here!

waking up in my room is a beauteous sight.
the quilts.
the photos.
the simple, quaintness of my room.
i love it all so very much.

i don't know about you...but i think leg warmers are kind of the coolest invention ever.
nothing else keeps me quite as warm as a pair of leg warmers.
and they're just about as fashionable as can be.

every day i spend a total of 2 hours in the car.
driving/riding to and from work.
it's kind of annoying at times...but i may not have to do so much longer.
*secret alert* stay tuned for more.

the theatre.
my work.
my hobby.

my home away from home.

oh chickfila.
there is no place quite like you.
waffle-y fries.
perfectly fried chicken.
sweet tea.
chickfila sauce.

the costume shop.
some lovely 80's clothing.
(we were in the middle of costuming "footloose.")

i'm not going to lie...having a name tag is one of the coolest things.
of all time.
"rebecca roberts.

remember that time when i was all alone in a sketchy neighborhood working in the costume shop and a strange man walked in and i hid behind a clothes rack and then he left?
fun times, for sure.

i have a fez now.
fezzes are cool.

hanging with my friends in the box office.
sitting behind a desk like i actually know how to run the computers.
i don't.

stretches before footloose rehearsal.
see that awkward foot just kind of sticking out there.
that belongs to me.
i just pretend i know what i'm doing.

footloose rehearsals.
because who wouldn't think it's a good idea to be in a show that rehearses during thanksgiving and christmas break and opens on new year's eve?
i think it's a FABULOUS idea.
what else would i do? 

the long drive home.
it seriously feels longer every day.

and there you have it, my friends! 
a view of my epic and exciting life as a costumer.
this is basically my every day (with a little twists and turns here and there).
of course, instead of rehearsals i have shows.
speaking of...oh my goodness...footloose is kind of the coolest show of all time.

it's good to be back!

rebecca jane

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