Sunday, February 24, 2013

bashing around london.

i've just returned from some very exciting adventures!
i was bashing around london for a bit and then headed over to nether, netherland.
i found the tardis, met a famous actress, went to famous places, and the editor of vogue magazine walked in on my changing in a dressing room in a vintage store in london.
among other things.
care to hear more?
head over to my new travel blog:

talk soon?

rebecca jane

Sunday, February 3, 2013

family life. oh! and pies.

oh goodness.
i truly adore being an aunt.
i don't get to see my niece and nephews all that often...but when i do, it makes my heart oh-so happy.
above is the newest addition to the family, henry.
just look at those eyes!!

when the holidays roll around, i know i'll have several opportunities to see my family.
sisters. brother. niece. nephews.
a few times a year, almost all of us make it under the same roof.

and if, when the family comes around, i happen to make some terribly delicious pies and awe them all with my fabulous baking be it.
actually, some of my pies turned out kind of strange and wiggly this year...all except my apple pie (not pictured), which is always my shining glory.
i could make apple pies all day long and never tire of it!

this is my 2012 thanksgiving post.
i'm ever so thankful for family...and pies.
happy late thanksgiving, folks!
hope you had a swell one.

rebecca jane