Monday, March 25, 2013

my job is cool. (and a giveaway winner!)

being a costumer can be a challenging and stressful job.
but's just downright fun.
searching through boxes of hats...and having to try each of them on.
to make sure they're usable, of course.
it's like a grown-up game of dress-up.

did i just say grown-up?
more like a "not quite a kid, not quite a grown-up, kind of that awkward in between age where you're not sure what category you belong in" game of dress-up.

and congrats to elizabeth for winning the shabby apple giveaway!
contact me and i'll give you the code :)
be sure and let us know what you get with your gift card!!

talk soon!
rebecca jane

Friday, March 22, 2013

spring. tea parties. birthday.

whenever spring rolls around i get this happy feeling inside.
it means new beginnings.
colorful clothes.

i had just about the coolest birthday of all time, yesterday.
i've honestly never felt so blessed and excited about the people in my life.
there are so many of them...and they're all just about the coolest.

i got phone calls.
a recorded song.
a really sweet message.
a birthday cake.
a cast singing for me.
i got to see so many dear friends.
happy birthday wishes all around.
and...a suprise TEA PARTY!!
i ever, right?!

i'm very happy right now.
and you only have a few more days to enter the giveaway on my blog.
go here to enter.
it's the coolest.

catch you later!
rebecca jane

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i'm turning here's a GIVEAWAY!

hello good friends of blogger world!!

guess what...i'm turning 19 in a few days.
and to celebrate...let's do a GIVEAWAY!
that's right.
a giveaway.

an adorable vintage clothing store called shabby apple is giving one of you lucky and ever-so-lovely followers a $15 gift certificate to their store!
excitement, am i right?
shall i share a few of my favorite things from their site?
i think i shall.

fun fact?
they have a pretty awesome sale going on right now as well!
go check it out!

aaaaand enough dallying...let's get this giveaway started.
you'll have up to 5 different options to enter the giveaway...which sure does increase your chances of winning!

how to enter giveaway: 
(leave one comment per entry with your contact information)

-leave a comment that includes the title of your favorite movie.
-follow this blog and enjoy general musings of an almost 19 year old.
-go here and follow for tales of whimsical travels.
-post about the giveaway on your own blog linking back to this post!
-go tell someone that they're super incredibly awesome and beautiful (or handsome).

you have until exactly saturday at midnight to enter.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

christmas memories.

did i ever tell you about the christmas of 2012?
it eventful day, to say the least.
it started out as many christmases do.
with the opening of presents.
(i got a record player!!!)
and general hubbub.

but to me...the most exciting thing of all was the chance to see LES MISERABLES on opening day!
i mean...i was only waiting for it ALL YEAR!!
so, even though it had started snowing (my second white christmas!) my mom, sister, and i all headed off to the city to see les mis.

it was a beautiful movie.
i laughed, cried, and loved it.
i can't even begin to explain how truly wonderful that movie is.
oh my.
after a terrifyingly scary attempt to get home on the icy was decided we had to stay the night in town.
christmas night.
in a hotel.

we hadn't eaten any dinner.
and, being christmas, everything was closed.
so christmas dinner was a candy bar, bag of chips, and sprite.
it was a sad...SAD day.

so...the day started off well.
the movie was GLORIOUS.
but the evening...not so much.
just making memories.

rebecca jane.