Tuesday, March 5, 2013

christmas memories.

did i ever tell you about the christmas of 2012?
it was...an eventful day, to say the least.
it started out as many christmases do.
with the opening of presents.
(i got a record player!!!)
and general hubbub.

but to me...the most exciting thing of all was the chance to see LES MISERABLES on opening day!
i mean...i was only waiting for it ALL YEAR!!
so, even though it had started snowing (my second white christmas!) my mom, sister, and i all headed off to the city to see les mis.

it was a beautiful movie.
i laughed, cried, and loved it.
i can't even begin to explain how truly wonderful that movie is.
oh my.
after a terrifyingly scary attempt to get home on the icy roads...it was decided we had to stay the night in town.
christmas night.
in a hotel.

we hadn't eaten any dinner.
and, being christmas, everything was closed.
so christmas dinner was a candy bar, bag of chips, and sprite.
it was a sad...SAD day.

so...the day started off well.
the movie was GLORIOUS.
but the evening...not so much.
just making memories.

rebecca jane.

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