Monday, April 1, 2013

a wedding.

i spent the weekend in tennessee being a part of something crazy special.
my best, oldest, dearest friend was married.
and i was honored to be the maid of honor in her civil war themed wedding.
it was a totally unique and incredible experience.
and isn't she just the most beautiful bride you've ever seen?

we spent the weekend decorating the wedding venue.
knocking on strangers' houses asking if we could cut off branches of their trees' white blossoms.
doing huge photoshoots.
and just enjoying the last few days together.

right before the ceremony, all the girls (her sisters) were upstairs making bouquets.
i finished mine within minutes of walking down the aisle.
close call...but they turned out BEAUTIFUL.
we gave hugs, swallowed our tears, and walked downstairs.
i won't lie...walking down the aisle all alone was absolutely terrifying and felt like it took forever, though my mother says i all but ran.

i remembered to take her bouquet.
gave her his ring at the right moment.
gave her back her bouquet.
and cried the whole way through.
the weather stayed perfect and only began to rain during the reception.
although that didn't stop the dancing and merriment.
my dress, socks, shoes, and petticoat were 6 inches deep in mud, i'm sure. 
i looked positively medieval.

i will always treasure these last 6 years with atlanta.
she's been my sister, teacher, confidante, and friend.
there's no one else i quote movies, discuss wives and daughters for hours, communicate via a secret language, have the most absurd adventures, and watch the worst movies with better than with her.
she's the most inspiring and lovely person, inside and out.
and jordan is the luckiest guy in the world.
and that is all i will say about that.

rebecca jane