Friday, May 17, 2013

behind the scenes wedding prep.

i was just going through pictures from the wedding 2 months ago (how is that even possible?!) and found some that were never prep and the like.
so here they are! :)

above: crafting wedding gifts for atlanta and jordan.

the "day of" emergency kit that i started for atlanta.
it actually came in handy a few times!

ironing my dress (both the night before pictures and the night before the actual wedding).
if you've never ironed a civil war dress, you don't truly understand what a huge task this is.

decorating the venue all afternoon (after the rehearsal luncheon).

driving down neighborhoods seeing if anyone would be cool with us cutting down a few small branches of their trees' blossoms.
we found a sweet family who were totally fine with it and got quite a few!
see above also, my slightly OCD piles of blossoms...organized, obviously, by size. 

catching up with old friends i haven't seen in YEARS!!

turns out i'm the most awkward bridesmaid of all time and make strange faces while rushing down the aisle because OMG EVERYONE'S STARING!
also known as...the wedding rehearsal.

driving to the cabin where the wedding was to be held in a little over an hour. 

more pictures soon, i'm sure!
rebecca jane

p.s. if you want to see the full story, pictures, etc...head over to the bride's WEBSITE.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

come and meet...those dancing feet.

42nd street is currently running at the artisan center theater...and let me tell you.
it is crazy good!
the dancing. the singing.
oh...and the costumes are pretty cool, too.

Monday, May 13, 2013

just a really epic photoshoot.

a few months ago i was asked to help with this REALLY amazing project.
a "through the decades" photo shoot.
i put together all of the costumes.
and it turned out incredible.
so now i must share.

the crew was an uber talented group of people.
see above.
however...the initiator and photographer of the entire project, blake hannah (who, consequently, took my senior pictures), is not pictured, as he is behind the camera.
of course.

to see the entire photo shoot, go to this facebook page.
go ahead and "like" it while you're there.
you'll be glad you did.

Friday, May 10, 2013


have you ever hear of a band called THE LUMINEERS?
if not...go immediately to look them up.
i'll wait.
you're welcome.

i am definitely not the kind of person that attends concerts regularly.
honestly...i never attend them at all.
like not once.
but all that changed when i heard THE LUMINEERS were coming to town!
my friend scout bought me a ticket for my birthday and oh how happy was i?!

our seats were perfection.
the opening bands were lovely.
the lumineers were SO GOOD OH MY GOODNESS!
they only have one album out, so they played every song PLUS SOME NEW ONES!
and i died.

happy day.
rebecca jane.

Monday, May 6, 2013

of london dressing rooms and the editor of vogue.


when i was in london.
(i really love saying that.)
i was in a vintage clothing shop...trying on a dress in a fitting room.

a lady accidentally walked in on me changing.
 (luckily it was winter so i still had about 5 layers of clothing on.) 
later, when i was checking out and buying my dress, the owner of the shop pointed to the lady and told me that she's the editor of vogue magazine. 

THE vogue magazine.
i later googled "editor of vogue magazine."
guess who popped up?
dressing room intruder lady.

and that's the story about how the editor of vogue magazine walked in on me changing clothes in the dressing room of a vintage clothing shop in london, england.

rebecca jane

p.s. for more stories on my adventures in europe...go here.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

costume shop life.

i spend most everyday in the costume shop.
also dubbed by others as my "hobbit hole" and "cave."
so apparently people think of me as a bilbo and/or gollum?

my days are full of organizing.
putting costumes away.
sorting through donations.
creating endless amounts of lists.
researching time periods.
pulling costumes.
designing costumes.
making costumes.
doing fittings.
making alterations.
meeting with directors.
managing my budget.

the list is endless.

also...guys...i get a name tag.

so far this year the costume shop has hopped from 
the 1980's (footloose).
the the 1920's (thouroughly modern millie).
to the 1940's (the hiding place).
to the 1930's (42nd street).
and now it is taking a drastic LEAP to the 1860's (the civil war)...which i couldn't be more excited about!

rebecca jane

Friday, May 3, 2013

ermergersh. fertlerse.

just thought you'd like to know, i spent a whole month in the 1980's back in january.
 we danced. 
we sang. 
we backcombed our hair.
it was a delightful time.

i ran microphones on the nights i wasn't on stage.
in case you didn't know...being a techie is harder than you might have thought.
stressful and crazy.
also...once you've seen the show 20 times...a little dull.

the talent in this show was insane.
who knew i had such dancey friends??

just thought you should know how i spent my january.

my following time period?
february and march in the 1940's.