Friday, May 17, 2013

behind the scenes wedding prep.

i was just going through pictures from the wedding 2 months ago (how is that even possible?!) and found some that were never prep and the like.
so here they are! :)

above: crafting wedding gifts for atlanta and jordan.

the "day of" emergency kit that i started for atlanta.
it actually came in handy a few times!

ironing my dress (both the night before pictures and the night before the actual wedding).
if you've never ironed a civil war dress, you don't truly understand what a huge task this is.

decorating the venue all afternoon (after the rehearsal luncheon).

driving down neighborhoods seeing if anyone would be cool with us cutting down a few small branches of their trees' blossoms.
we found a sweet family who were totally fine with it and got quite a few!
see above also, my slightly OCD piles of blossoms...organized, obviously, by size. 

catching up with old friends i haven't seen in YEARS!!

turns out i'm the most awkward bridesmaid of all time and make strange faces while rushing down the aisle because OMG EVERYONE'S STARING!
also known as...the wedding rehearsal.

driving to the cabin where the wedding was to be held in a little over an hour. 

more pictures soon, i'm sure!
rebecca jane

p.s. if you want to see the full story, pictures, etc...head over to the bride's WEBSITE.

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