Saturday, May 4, 2013

costume shop life.

i spend most everyday in the costume shop.
also dubbed by others as my "hobbit hole" and "cave."
so apparently people think of me as a bilbo and/or gollum?

my days are full of organizing.
putting costumes away.
sorting through donations.
creating endless amounts of lists.
researching time periods.
pulling costumes.
designing costumes.
making costumes.
doing fittings.
making alterations.
meeting with directors.
managing my budget.

the list is endless.

also...guys...i get a name tag.

so far this year the costume shop has hopped from 
the 1980's (footloose).
the the 1920's (thouroughly modern millie).
to the 1940's (the hiding place).
to the 1930's (42nd street).
and now it is taking a drastic LEAP to the 1860's (the civil war)...which i couldn't be more excited about!

rebecca jane

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