Monday, October 7, 2013

adult life.

let's chat about adult life for a moment, shall we?

when you move out of your house you know life will never be the same.
you realize that there will soon be bills to pay.
that everything will feel like it's breaking at once.
and suddenly you're paying for repairs left and right (laptop, car, your back).
sure you know about taking out the trash (but did you remember to actually buy a trash can?).

but there are a few things you never think about...until they actually happen.
and i'm here to save you from those surprises.
because, life is hard. 

the grocery store.
normal stuff...not too many difficult decisions.
that is...until the cereal aisle.
do you remember going down the cereal aisle as a kid...dreaming of the day you'd have the freedom to choose any delightfully, sugar-y cereal that you wanted?
the day had finally come.
i'd never felt more overwhelmed about a decision in my life.
and in desperation...i chose fruit loops.
i had the freedom to choose any cereal on the cereal aisle that i wanted...and i chose...fruit loops.

and that's just the beginning!

do you know what else is hard about adult life?
milk is one of those things that just always appeared in your refrigerator at home.
you were never sure how it got there.
or when it was replaced.
but it was always there.
suddenly you're living alone...and there's no milk.
you never realize how often you need milk until it's NOT THERE.
also...milk goes bad so fast!
and how do you know what kind to get?? 
whole milk tastes like butter and skim tastes like creamy water!

and that bug? 
there's literally no one BUT YOU available to kill it. 
...adulting creates murderers of us all...

to be continued (i'm sure)