Wednesday, December 4, 2013

real talk.

after living in a small town my whole life, this move to the "big city" has been a bit tricky.
i literally live in a building with a lot of people i don't even know.
sometimes when i'm walking out of my apartment, my neighbor is walking out of his.
our pleasant smile exchanges are merely acknowledgements of "hello strange person i've never met and don't necessarily feel the need to meet but i actually live mere feet from...have a nice day."

another problem that's arisen since "the move"?
since "the move" i have:

  • been pulled over.
  • had my car break down.
  • gotten a red light ticket.
  • been in a car wreck.
  • had my car break down. again.
  • gotten a mean note on my windshield wiper concerning my bad parking skills.

apparently driving 2 hours daily to get to work for a year was not acceptable preparation for "big city" living.

but you know what's cool about adult life?
i'm learning to deal with some pretty intense stuff.
like...dealing with broken utilities.
and understanding how to pay bills.
and throwing away phone books and flyers left on the doorstep.

i'm still working on mastering the whole chores thing.
like being in charge of washing dishes and taking out trash and being responsible about the sour milk in the fridge.
i'm not good at that.
my flat mate (what do you call them when you don't share rooms, but an apartment? flat mate sounds so snobbish) does so much better at it and i owe her many a trip to the dumpster.
you don't even want to know how long i left the rotting carved pumpkin by the door after halloween.

but cool is it that i'm experiencing all of this LIFE?!
sometimes i feel like i'm just playing house and how truly ridiculous it is for me to be out on my own.
i still ignore phone calls half the time because i don't have the courage to talk to people...but i know how to pay bills?
i've been given such a cool opportunity, and it may not be the sort of thing everyone my age is supposed to be doing: college, dorms, classes.
but that's ok.
i love it.

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