Saturday, March 1, 2014

beth march.

since we last spoke, i had the opportunity of becoming a march sister once more.
"little women, the musical" was last year's holiday show. 
this show has been on my dream list ever since i saw it performed 6 years ago.
if you remember, i did have the chance to play jo march in the play version, a few years back. 

this time around was a WHOLE new experience.
not only was there new music and dancing...but i played beth march.
the sweetest and best part i've ever had.

the 4 march sisters connected with such a close bond.
it was such an honor to work with each of them.
and grow to love them so very much.

here is a small clip from one of my favorite scenes in the show:

(and here is a link to see a full preview video of the other cast)

so many dear and precious memories for probably the best show i've EVER been a part of.


Emily Ann Putzke said...

That's awesome!!! Looks like a great production! I love Little Women!

Riley Pleasants said...

you're a fantastic Beth:)