Friday, April 24, 2015

theatre challenge - day 1

so even though i haven't posted in ages, i wanted to share a facebook challenge i was tagged in:

day 1 of the theatre challenge - beginnings

so the first part is going to cover beginnings in my theatre experience. 
getting started at new theatres can be scary and challenging, but each of these beginnings opened the door to years of incredible theatre & friends.

- music man - 
my very first show at CAIA where I simultaneously played a female barbershop quartet member, the sheriff, and a pick-a-little lady.

- robin hood - 
my first show at JOY, my mother's first directing gig, my first costuming gig, and, actually, the first show at JOY ever. 
this was the beginning of quite a few things, and playing Lady Merle was my first, and probably last, time as the villain of a show.

- scrooge - 
my first show at the Artisan. this show began such a monumental journey...I couldn't even begin to describe the impact it has had. 
in this show I played Mary ("the minister's cat is a boring cat"), and even went on as the Isabel understudy twice.

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