Sunday, April 26, 2015

theatre challenge - day 2

day 2 of the artist challenge - stage siblings

there's something remarkable about pretending to be related to someone onstage. 
you met them only weeks previously, and somewhere along the way you truly become this stranger's sister, and you're having a true sibling relationship onstage, and it's simply glorious.

- the best christmas pageant ever - 
probably the most intense stage-family unit I've ever had. 
imogene herdman and her siblings were the roughest, toughest, dirtiest crew...and it changed my life.

- little women - 
I'm not sure anything in theatre can prepare you for the incredible sisterly bond that doing this show gives you. 
I've had the immense honor of doing this show twice as two different characters (Jo and Beth). 
and, can I say, there will never be a time in my life where I wouldn't do this show again. 
I will always and forever love my March sisters.

- fiddler on the roof - 
another show I've done twice, both times as hodel, both times gaining lifelong sisters. 
there's nothing like being in an emotional roller coaster of a show to morph stage love to true love for your beautiful stage sisters.

- smoke on the mountain/sanders family christmas - 
honestly, spending half of last year as june sanders and a member of the sanders family, was life-changing, to say the least. 
being onstage with the same people for an entire show really bonds you together. 

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