Monday, May 25, 2015

costume portfolio

hello my friends!

if any of you are interested in checking out my new online costume portfolio and getting a glimpse of what my life has been for the past 3 years...i'd love for you to take a peek! click on the link:

i've only just set it up, so if you have any critiques or productive criticism...i would be ever so grateful.

hope all is well...and maybe now that it's summer time i can take some time to share some of the crazy adventures this year has brought so far.

adventures like:
the time i went to college
the time i was in a wreck because my brakes went out
the time i was attacked by a squirrel
the time i attended a poetry slam
the time i wore a pie dress to a pie store on my 21st birthday
the time i made a massive decision and climbed a roof to celebrate
the time i was a larger than life poster (pictured above)
the time i discovered my foot had been broken for 8 years

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

theatre challenge - day 3

day 3 of the artist challenge - comedic relief

playing serious and emotional wrenching characters can be an incredible opportunity, don't get me wrong. 
but as an actor, there's just something so exhilarating about getting laughter from an audience...I can't help but adore playing funny characters.

- anne of green gables - 
my first non-ensemble role was playing rachel lynde in this classic tale. 
I learned a lot from this part: how to not smile when being yelled at and how to add padding to your panty hose for a make-shift fat suit...among other things. 

- music man - 
my second go at this musical was at JOY where I perfected my irish accent as mrs paroo. 

- kiss me kate - 
though lois/bianca was definitely supposed to be more of a sexy character than anything, my best attempts led to quite the comedic character. 
simultaneously strengthening my new york accent and wearing a wig for the first time...this show was an entertaining challenge.

- emma - 
I'm not sure how harriett smith morphed into such an amusingly ravenous character, but I'm so glad she did. 
stuffing my mouth with food and acting pathetic for two full hours was more fun than just about any role to date.

- smoke on the mountain/sanders family christmas - 
though mentioned before, I feel it imperative to point out the utter nonsense june sanders endured (and created). 
coconuts, a cactus hat, ridiculous sign language, and sand-paper kneepads?? 
get real.