about rebecca

a little bit about rebecca.

rebecca is 20 years old.
 she works full time at a community theatre in texas, and is always involved with the current production (be it onstage or off...or both).
she enjoys recording audio books part time and being able to use her creativity in such a unique way.
 although performing is her passion, she enjoys reading, playing the ukulele, watching BBC movies, sewing, listening to records, and wearing her yellow rain-boots.

she's been hit on the head by a mango-throwing monkey in bolivia, 
had the editor of vogue magazine walk in on her changing clothes in the dressing room of a vintage shop in london, 
attended an argentine tango show,
accidentally toured the red light district in amsterdam,
ate a llama burger in peru, 
toured castles made by a mad king in germany, 
and was nearly robbed by a gypsy in paris. 


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